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First describe how m-commerce can expand the reach of e-commerce. Then, imagine you work for a fashion retailer and are in charge of a new mobile advertising campaign designed to generate sales for a new clothing line.  Explain how you would use m-commerce concepts and elements of e-commerce to meet your objective. The post should be a minimum of 200 words, APA format, cite and references, no plagiarism.


Must NOT be similar to the following:


Mobile Commerce, typically referred to as m-commerce, refers to wireless electronic commerce used for conducting exchange or business through a device like cellular phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs). “Mobile commerce is per se not included in the traditional e-commerce market models. M-commerce will be able to increase the overall market for e-commerce, because of its unique value proposition of providing easily personalized, local goods and services anytime and anywhere” (III, 1999)An m-commerce application can be B2B, B2C or anyother of the classifications available with e-commerce world. M-commerce, although not fullyevolved, has the potential to make it more convenient for consumers to spend money andpurchase goods/services. Since society carries their wireless devices with them everywhere, the ability and temptations to purchase goods is always available. This is undoubtedly amethod that can be used to raise revenue for many types of businesses.


If I was responsible for a updated mobile advertising campaign designed to generate sales of a new clothing line I would use every aspect of m-commerce to my advantage. Consumers who have signed up to receive periodic emails from the company would receive notifications when new items were coming out on the racks, upcoming sales, and even discounts. This information can be received via their personal computer or smart phone. For those customers who have the capabilities for downloading applications, I would create an app giving consumers an easy-to-navigate mobile based website offering discounts, sales information and upcoming products.  Consumers would have the opportunity to purchase items from the site and pay directly from their phone/computer. However, I still want people to come in the store so I would integrate store-only deals as well as utilize the QR code (Quick Response Code). These codes have become more popular the last year or so and I can see the growth potential for this application becoming larger. Throughout the store consumers can scan the QR codes to see possible outfit options. The QR code can be scanned directly from the user’s smart phone and matching pieces in store will pop up showing the different options. If a purchase is made from the options given consumers will receive an email thanking them, as well as a, percentage off coupon for their next visit. However, if consumers do not purchase the options given to them they will still receive an email but this time it will be a list of the full options as to what they can purchase both online and in-store based on what they just purchased.


III, I. C. (1999). Emerging value propositions for m-commerce. Retrieved September 13, 2011, from All Business: http://www.allbusiness.com/sales/internet-e-commerce/833008-1.html



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