For globalresearchers —-Cultural Change and Shifting Views of America

Resources: Review Ch. 1-2 of Oxford History of Art: Twentieth-Century American Art, the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings, and your Video Reflections

Write a 350- to 700-word paper on how art reflects the culture of its era that responds to the following:

  • What image of America was communicated by the innovations and buildings presented at the 1883 Chicago’s World Fair? How was this image communicated?
  • How and why was the art produced by the Ashcan School different from that of the Gilded Age? To what changes in culture were artists reacting?
  • What is the relationship between art and culture? Explain with at least two examples to illustrate the relationship between art and American culture.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab above.

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