These are the activities for Week 1 only 

  • Discussion Question Answer – Due Day 3
  • Discussion Participation – 2 responses to peers of 250 words each: Due by Day 7 (50 pts total for Discussion Board)
  • Quiz (35 pts): not yet available but will be due by Day 7
  • Blog: due on day 7. Guideline for blog:

    The blog assignment is primarily supposed to be both fun and interesting. If you follow the instructions below, getting all or most of the points should be the easiest part of the class. There are 105 points available, and this assignment is graded at the end of class.

    Your assignment specifically is to write a blog entry each week on a subject of your choosing that relates to Economics. You can choose one subject throughout the term (your observations about the upcoming election, other current events, the effects of climate change, the Fed activity, Wal-Mart, the cost of tea in China or rice in Japan, etc.), or you can pick a different subject each week. Also, you are to engage with your fellow students in reacting to their postings.

    There are no length requirements for this assignment, nor will I be picky about grammar and usage (although Standard English is expected). You also do not need to formally reference sources, but you should provide a link should you refer to an outside source (and of course, the rules regarding plagiarism still apply). There also is no requirement about the number of peers you interact with.

  • Choose topic for major paper – Due by Day 7. all that is required here is to choose a topic you intend to work on in Week 6. thats it!


For the Discussion Question Answer for Week 1, follow this instruction:

 1. Please take a moment to watch the  clip from “A Beautiful Mind“, the story of John Nash (you’ll need to click link and watch youtuube video). For this week’s assignment, please take a moment to review the above, our textbook, and your own research to find other examples of game theory in real life, or to comment upon the dilemma that the movie outlines. comment can be 100 words long or more and use APA citation.

2. Two peer responses to the posts of peers are required for this. this will be 2 responses of 250 words each to what your peers have written.



3. weekly Blog: see guidelines for weekly blog above

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