I want you all to know this

First of all I am one of the most giving person you will ever meet, I am a single Grand Mother raising a little girl with Schizophernia, ADDHD, Manic I just finally got all the results and it is hard let me tell you all,,,but you see I was to have my Back rebuilt but my regular Doctor would not give me a Clearance unless I had some extensive test done on my Heart before he would allow it, Thank God I listened, we found out that my right side does not work simply does not work, and the life expectancy is 3 to 5 years, I can not die I have a 5 year old no one wanted and I could not even think of how her life will be without me,,,anyway finally they got my Heart stable enough to have my entire back rebuilt and for some reason my Hum111 Professor literally hates me, I have done nothing but maintain a 4.0 every semester but she made it clear I will not in her class and she is true to her word. I feel like so many of you are taking advantage of me, I would I guess because I am such a giving person would do anything I could to help a person that was in my situation, all I asked for was a Teacher Prof Student to do a very simple thing for me, it required one Post to the discussion per week one Reply to one of the post, and a 10 question quiz with 90 mins to do the quiz for 3 weeks and no one but Prof Aruna was so compasionate to me and said whatever you can afford, you know what I knew I could afford 40 to 45 a week, but there are weeks and I assure you I will pay her just for her kindness and for coming to my rescue a very nice bonus at some point, A good thought for the day and for everyone to think about NO GOOD DEEDS EVER GO UN NOTICED AND WITH THAT BEING SAID GOD BLESS YOU PROF ARUNA YOU ARE MY ANGEL FOR THIS. And I think some of you should maybe be kind of ashamed of yourself asking me for almost 300 bucks for maybe an hour of your time a week,,,what a shame I thought so higly of so many of you until right now, my Heart is broke to think everyone wants all they can get, but they never sit down and think how it maybe affecting me, I am not rich I barely get by,,,,God Bless you all and maybe you should consider sometimes people have circumstances out of their control. Thank You 

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