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Review item attached PDF (very bottom/after the discussion notes). This document is also located inside the Resources Tab/Student Resources Folder/Forum 1: International Criminal Justice Review: Do Past U.S. Acts Constitute Terrorism? Implications for Counter-terrorism Policy. After reading, then answer the following “four part” forum:

Part I

Your mission is to research and report on various definitions of terrorism (ensure you use in-text citations and reference your sources at the end of your forum response). “Credible” sources only.
Part II

After your brief part one report, indicate and justify what definition “components” you think are necessary for a strong terrorism definition and explain why (highly weighted in my grading).
Part III

Considering your research, indicate whether the United States (past or present) could be accused of terrorist acts. If so, why and what? If not, why not?
Part IV

Finally, share your personal terrorism definition with the class. ENSURE YOUR “PERSONAL” DEFINITION IS PRESENTED CLEARLY (BOLD YOUR DEFINITION SO IT STANDS OUT) AND IN “ONE” SENTENCE IN THIS final part.” 


You will post one response to the forum discussion prompt and a “minimum of two responses (more “substantive” responses for a “superior” score) to your classmates (or instructor, if a follow-up question is asked) each discussion week (weeks 1 – 3 and 5 – 7). “Single space only” in forums. Importantly, to keep everyone on the same sheet of music, “post only during the current course week” (do “not” post in advance).

The response to each forum prompt must be a minimum of “500 words” in length (“excluding” the directions, questions, quotations, notes, or references).  Each of the required two responses to your classmates (or instructor) must be a minimum of “200 words” in length. Each forum discussion prompt response will be valued at “70%” your forum score and each “classmate/instructor response” will count as “15%” of your forum score (30% in total).

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