Biology 241

Semester Project

Your semester projects will consist of a 5 page paper (typed, double-spaced, 12pt. font). You will choose three articles from respected publications, written within the past 2 years (at least one of them), which deals with a topic in microbiology.  Suggested Publications include but are not limited to: National Geographic, Scientific American, Time, Discover, and any scientific journals (Nature, Science, etc.).  You paper must include the following (at least):

  1. A summary of the article 
  2. Novel Information highlighted by the article
  3. Why you chose the article
  4. Your opinion of the article and its significance to the field



Appropriateness of the article (10 points)

Use common sense. Is it lengthy enough? Is it current? Does it address the field? ASK ME!!

Paper (40 points)

Quality of writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation) (10 pts)

Accuracy of summary (No Plagiarism, I will catch you!) (10pts)

Well written opinion of the article (10 pts)

Originality of the piece and writing style (10pts)



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