Needing help with a Written Optimization Setup in Finite Math

Needing someone to do a written optimization setup for the problem I have attached in the problem.pdf file. Please attach the completed problem in a word document for me.

I have attached 2 example pdfs of how they should be setup. As well as instructions below for the assignment.

Thanks for the help in advance!



You have some work to do before you ever open Microsoft Excel or download Geogebra, and this is to make sure you are on the right track.  


Please review the set up of the example problems as outlined in the pdf files included in this acticity.  The included files will cover the thought process or “how to” for setting up these types of problem.


As an assignment you will need to describe how you are thinking about the assigned problem, any and all relationships you have established, and define your variables, set up the objective function, constraint inequalities…..and describe what it all means.


You DEFINITELY need to have these correct before moving forward with the technology to get an answer.

 You are free to discuss the topics here, but be careful about copying your classmates without thinking for yourself.   I will give feedback on Friday to make sure you are on the right track.


Include the following in your post (including any follow up posts you make)



The variable x represents:

The variable y represents:

The objective function is:

The constraint inequalities are:




The variable x1 represents:

The variable x2 represents:

The variable x3 represents:

The objective function is:

The constraint inequalities are:

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