My literature teacher(she’s a little bit eccentric) gave us homework on subject “Shades”. It’s supposed to be something what symbolist where using,but she said it could be anything,related or unrelated to literature.She gave me 1 (that’s an F) and everybody else got good grades and their’s homework where so stupid.I do things good or I don’t do them at all.

‘Cause I’m a thug… Anyway I will be so happy if anyone could help me,give me some ideas or write the whole paper.Thanks and salutations from Montenegro!



Post Script: Shades,like shades of color.We could relate them to people’s behavior.I’m not stupid,I’m really good at this wholle writing stuff,but this is one subject that my mind can’t comprehend.I would really like to write something awesome so I can torture her:D Aaand what are the odds if someone does this for free and send me this to my e-mail

  [email protected] or [email protected] because I really can’t pay,no paypal no nothing…

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