Summarize 5 pages into 2 and Paraphrase.

I wrote this 5 pages paper for my Persuasive Speech homework, however the professor refused to let me speak because it was too long. I want it from 5 pages into 2 or one and half pages, double spaced solid pages. I need all of the main stuff in there. just something nice and solid to get the best grade in this speech homework. [ you can put your own words if you want to ]


The topic : its basically a Speech of an imaginary organization to collect donations for orphaned kids. the professor asked me to write 2 pages to persuade an audience on donating for your organization/group. I have to use emotional appeals, logical thinking and yet to have the credibility to speak!


ill attach my 5 pages paper.


Please follow everything precisely 


[ I have 3 more papers like this in the next two weeks, help me to get the best grades and you will be my writer for this semester ] 


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