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Industrial Supervision
Assignment: You have been hired to supervise a group of employees who are about to move to new offices. The offices will be located in downtown Oklahoma City. However, your new employer was housed in the Alfred P Murrah Federal building on April 19, 1995. Since that day, they have been housed at a location far from downtown OKC. The company has decided that it’s time to move back into downtown so that they can be near the courthouse and other buildings that they frequent often in the course of their jobs. Some of your new supervisees where inside the building when it was destroyed and others knew people that were in the building. Several employees are angry, anxious and are suffering health problems due to the stress of the upcoming move.
In a 2-3 page paper, tell me how you would handle this situation. Define the supervisory challenges (chapter 2); Use the decision making process from chapter 7; Explain your motivation (chapter 8), How would you lead the employees (chapter 9), and what methods of communication you would use (chapter 10). Don’t forget to include safety and health issues as well as conflict and negotiation issues. (Chapters 13 & 14). What are some programs you could institute? What type of leadership theory are you going to implement? Make sure you include information from each of the four sections in our text.

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